Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasure No. 132: Will Smith.

This morning, I watched the lion's share of Hancock. This shouldn't be somehing I'd want to widely post for several reasons: 1) I watched this R rated film with my high school students during a final day of class party (and just for the record, I did fast forward through what promised to be a racy sex scene); 2)does anyone really find Will Smith that cool anymore? That's the thing about guilty pleasures, though, isn't it? Something you know is kind of lame. Something you know other people would make fun of you for, that you don't leap forward to announce.

I remember the summer of my eighth grade year, going to an all ages club and dancing and singing along to "Parents Just Don't Understand." I never got into Fresh Prince, though I easily could have. I think it came on at a time when I wasn't usually home. Never minded the show, though. I recall watching Seinfeld and being intrigued by Jerry's choice of songs when he was appointed the job of music monitor at a friend's party. He was pleased that he'd "gotten jiggy with it." I didn't buy the whole album, but I certainly downloaded it later. I've seen just about everything he's made. Well, not I Am Legend, but only because I can't bear to see the dog die. I don't necessarily go out to the theatre for these, but I don't flip away if they come on cable.

He's got such a seeming charmed life. I hope it's as great as it seems publicly. Beautiful couple, beautiful kids, talent, talented family. They just seem so in love and so together. What's not to love? Maybe this is why I've decided it's uncool to like him. He's just so damn likable. It's like loving somebody just for being America's Sweetheart, and that's a little too much for me to 'fess up to.

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