Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Heart Does Go On.

I met a man today outside of a store. Ended up he was from out of town, and here because he was going to a car show with his son's beloved souped-up car. The son had died five years ago, and the car had been his prized possession. He'd worked on it for years, giving it all the bells and whistles that could be added. When he died, his father picked up his son left off. He'd finished the car to his son's specifications. The dream had always been to go to a big car show in Atlanta, and the dad had done that. Now, he takes it around the country to whatever shows come up. Like a proud papa, he had pictures he was able to pull up on his phone. It was so endearing, and so very bittersweet.
So often, people try to make up for things they didn't do properly when it mattered. I can only hope that this man was as dedicated to his departed son in life as he clearly is in death.

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