Saturday, April 17, 2010

Keeping More Than One Thing In My Head.

I don't like to think of myself as scatter-brained, but I suppose I really ought to. It's not as if I'm a squirrel distracted by shiny things. I simply tend to fixate on one thing and the others I'm trying to multi-task get fuzzy. Case in point: I just found my ipod in the refrigerator. This isn't the first thing to be found there. Car keys, remote control, telephone. Apparently whatever I've got in my hand at the time I grab a drink just sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

At work, I am known to make myself lists of things to accomplish on a plan period that includes "bathroom," just to guarantee I get that done. I was once in such a hurry to get a song to a friend for a project (prior to the days of digital files and easy internet access) that I Fed Ex-ed an empty CD case to France. I've mailed empty envelopes, too.

A friend once told me that he thought these things were charming, that I was so caught in the moment that a few details would get lost. That sounds much nicer than "ditzy," so I'll happily take it.

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