Friday, April 30, 2010

Would Doogie Howser make Angie's List?

If Doogie Howser were real, would you let him be your doctor? I asked this to some friends the other day and didn’t get any sort of real response. One insisted that “Doogie couldn’t be real, so this conversation is pointless.” His refusal to suspend disbelief left me without the answers I was looking for.
The way I see it, if a kid were brilliant enough to get through medical school by twelve or thirteen, his mastery over the content is probably pretty complete. Obviously, his EQ would most likely not match his IQ. In some ways, this may actually be beneficial to his patients. He would see quite analytically what the answer to a medical question would be, without considering emotional complications. As a patient, you’d be receiving just an honest, cut and dried set of options. The facts would be laid out and a patient would be able to choose his course based on simply medical facts and figures without the doctor’s baggage attached to the recommendation.
Plus, you could probably haggle and trade medical services for the price of a Playboy, admission to an R rated film or a six pack of beer.

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