Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Longest, Dullest Day Yet.

Watching 24. This is the eighth and final season, and with each new episode, I think about how they really should’ve stopped when they were ahead. It’s been the same crappy day for Jack, but with minor variances. It’s become Bauer’s Groundhog Day. A terrorism plot, always involving Middle Eastern villains. Always a President’s authority to be challenged by claiming they are unfit or are behaving illegally. Mid-season, the one person’s whose story line has met its logical conclusion will be found out to be a mole in a way that smacks of a writing team’s desperation to liven up the season. You can guarantee that some unlikely character will make an empty threat to shoot a group of people, whether this be Jack holding up a gas station or Chloe wanting to take out the IT troubleshooters. Severed digits or other appendages. Double-crossing lovers. You never feel that Jack’s life is seriously in danger, and you never care enough about the side character du jour to care if they make it out alive. ZZZzzzz. It’s like a book you stopped caring about after the first few chapters but feel somehow obligated to finish, simply because you started it.

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