Friday, April 16, 2010

Lost Headphones.

It's my favorite type of day. It's spring, and we're having a gorgeous warm rain. Gray and storm-cloudy, but with the most amazing sense of energy in the air. My system seems to feed off of this. I just spent some time in the front lobby of the high school looking at the work submitted to the art fair. There's always amazing stuff there, and this year is no different. The art kids just have a much deeper sense of life than the others, especially at this age. And their cultural references are always much, much cooler than those of the other kids, too. They're not quite sophisticated enough to be edgy and pretentious hipsters yet, so they're much more palatable than they will be in art school, just a few years down the road. For now, they're just a little off-beat and interested in the things that others scorn, things like: learning, creativity, curiosity about life, thinking deeply because they can, trying to come to conclusions about their place in the world.

Rainy day, lovely art, and a long plan period to enjoy it all in. Now if I could just find my headphones, this would be a perfect morning.

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