Friday, March 12, 2010

Having Not to Laugh out Loud Because You're Supposed to Be the Adult

Most of my students are 17 years old. As filthy as most teenagers can be, it is the things they say that are unintentionally funny that are often the hardest to suppress myself over. Mine would be a far less family-friendly "Kids Say the Darndest Things," I'm afraid.

"Miss K, I just love your taco." - This is actually referring to a taco shaped purse I carried my ipod and cell phone in. I stopped this after hearing this statement.

"Wow! I just can't get my hand into your tiny little goodie bag. That makes me want your goodies even more!" Same student as the unfortunate taco bag incident. This time he wanted some snack goldfish out of a sample size container another girl had.

"If you wouldn't have tried so hard to avoid my snatch there wouldn't be all this blood now!" A boy had a paper a girl wanted. She made a grab for it and his flailing clutched fist socked a kid sprawled across his desk smack in the nose which immediately started gushing blood.

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