Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Nice to See Others Have Idiosynchracies As I Do

comic care of Literally, A Web LogLiterally, A Web Log
Grammatic errors disturb me. I am quite sure I make quite a few of them myself. I have been known to dangle a multiplicity of participles, just for starters. However, I like to think I have a rudimentary mastery of my first language in both written and spoken form. Why can't people figure out who's and whose? Why are it's and its so hard to grasp? A lot has never been one word. Ever. An apostrophe denotes ownership or a contraction, not simply that an "s" has been added to a word. The word "penultimate" means neither "the most fantastic" nor "final." And if you use an asterisk, follow it up with damn explanation!!!
The increasingly frequent use of "literally" in conversation has been driving me crazy. Lots of interviews include comments like, "He literally killed me" or "The Spice Girls are literally shooting their way to the top!" (Guess that reference proves that this has been a burr under the saddle for some time now...) Really refreshing to see that another soul (beyond the beloved the oatmeal, of course) finds such misuse of the English language to be equally irritating!

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