Thursday, March 11, 2010

When Junior High Heart Throbs Become Little Old Men

When I was in junior high, I knew I was destined to marry Duckie Dale. Of course, I realized that this was a ficitonal character, but I thought that Jon Cryer would do just as nicely as the character he portrayed. He would be just as charming, just as devoted, and definitely just as cute.
I remember rewinding the video with girlfriends a million times to hear him repeat, "Are you mad?" to Andie after setting off the record store's alarm system. I don't necessarily recall why we found that particular moment so fantastic, but I believe it had to do with some sort of irresistable whine in his voice. We rewound it so much we actually wore the tape out in that spot; the scene would flicker and make terrible screechy sounds.
It should have been clue number one that in just a few short years dear sweet high school Duckie became The Famous Teddy Z and no one seemed to question that he was old enough to do so. I've purposely avoided Two and a Half Men because I don't want to be reminded of youth that fades into middle age. There was no escaping the reality of age during the John Hughes Memorial of this year's Academy Awards. They all looked pretty great, actually, considering the hey day was about twenty years ago. It still hurts a little to see your school girl crush become somebody your dad would want to hang out with, regardless.

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